The ability to be in the moment, releasing my past, is something I have strived for most of my life, and Andi has been instrumental in helping me achieve that through yoga. Her ability to tap into her yoga students’ emotions at such a deep level is amazing. It’s no joke that as I lay down from the stresses of the day, it is her affirmations I now hear as I drift off to sleep.I wish I could have met Andi sooner; I could have saved a lot of money and time not having gone to some whacky therapists from time to time. She is truly a treasure.

~ Denise Banker

I was one of those dubious yoga students, walking into my first yoga class with Andi with no expectation of ever having to purchase my own mat, since the few experiences I had had with other instructors were not terribly inspiring; some were even downright hokey. But from the first Vinyasa Flow class to many of her other classes I have attended (including an amazing weekend-long yoga retreat up in the California wine country), I found Andi to have an amazing capacity to inspire, encourage and even entertain her yoga students as they practice their yoga disciplines. As we all continue to travel along our individual paths to fitness, inner peace and self-realization, Andi is there to guide us, give us an occasional neck massage, and all those pats on the back we need along the way. Andi is the reason I now love yoga and will continue in its practice for the rest of my life.

~ Dena Kouremetis

The benefits of engaging in the practice of yoga are well documented. Finding a teacher who is inspiring and talented enough to provide the BEST yoga experience possible, however, is like discovering gold. Andi is that treasure. I am so grateful to have found her. I looked in Andi’s eyes at the close of her first yoga retreat weekend and said with my FULL heart, This was AWESOME. Andi brings with her a unique combination of fitness guru and passion for spiritual expression and growth, capable of bring out the best in everyone around her.

~ Jenifer Novak Landers

In a world of uncertainty, Andi Donovan is a certain kind of joyful yoga instructor who teaches courage, balance and strength. She gently instructs you to reach beyond your limiting beliefs to achieve inner peace, inner beauty, and joy. The bonus? Your outer beauty. Her teachings will have you going back for more. I have practiced yoga for more than fourteen years and Andi Donovan is certainly at the top of her game.

~ Coach Veronica Raya, CPCC

Andi has as a working knowledge of the human body that sets her apart from most professional instructors. When I have had trouble areas she has been able to tell me what the issue is, what it stems from, and how to fix it. Her yin yoga classes are my favorite.

~ Kyle Bybee

My life changed when I met Andi. I have struggled with weight issues since I was a child. Andi got me off the fad diet rollercoaster and on to a sound, easy to follow, nutrition and exercise plan that have me well on my way to reaching my goals. There have been some ‘bumps in the road’, but Andi has always been there to help me make adjustments as needed. If she doesn’t have the tools to fix a problem, she knows someone who does. She is always on the lookout for new and clever ways to develop muscle and burn fat. Since I started working with Andi three years ago, I have achieved permanent weight loss, greatly increased my lean muscle mass, sleep more soundly, am better equipped to deal with stress, and can tackle things now that I wouldn’t even considered a few years ago (think 15 mile hike in one day– at elevation — on snow pack). With the incorporation of yoga and stretching into my routine, I have greatly increased my flexibility and chronic aches have disappeared. Andi works with her clients to develop personalized plans that fit into YOUR life and help you achieve YOUR goals. I would truly be lost with her.

~ Brenda Douglass

Andi conducts some of the best yoga classes I have ever attended, incorporating a unique and positive message into the rhythm of the class

~ Steve, Folsom resident

Andi, I’m feeling very happy after yoga practice. Today’s practice was everything I needed today in every way. The music, stretches, the om and your calming voice taught me so much today about poses and flow, letting go of negativity and myself. Because we are all Hanuman in some way.

~ Anonymous