The Cruise Director
Kind of like Julie from the old TV show, The Love Boat, I play many roles during the retreat. My first priority is always the comfort and welfare of our retreaters. You might also call me a cheerleader, an event coordinator and a problem solver. My objective is to give you the experience of a lifetime!
I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, and is my greatest joy to hold retreats at stunning locations on this beautiful planet of ours! After years of studying and practicing many healing modalities including functional fitness, traditional yoga, yoga therapy, and massage therapy, I feel one of the best ways to truly serve is to bring people to a place of tranquility where they can take a pause from their everyday life. Retreating provides an opportunity to advance your practice, eat delicious and nutritious food, and connect with like-minded individuals in awesome locations like Greece, Sonoma, Calistoga, Costa Rica, Haramara, Mexico, Litibu, Mexico, Playa Viva, Mexico and this year we return to Phuket Thailand.
I look forward to sharing my passions of yoga, fitness, travel, and FUN with you during this retreat!


Captain Fun Maker

Dan has an incredible sense of humor. He can make even the most challenging situations light and fun. I used the title of “Captain” in the title above because it sounded better with “fun maker”, but in truth, Dan was a Warrant Officer and Pilot in the military. He retired a few years ago after serving nearly 30 years.

From a very young age, long before Dan started his military career, he was involved in the world of health and fitness. In fact, he probably ran before he walked!

He was a competitive soccer player most of his youth and into his adult life. Later he became a rescue swimmer with the Navy, which is no joke! All along the way, during his military career, Dan leads physical training classes.

After years of focusing on strength and speed, Dan realized he needed to find a way to incorporate some flexibility and mindfulness into his life. This is when he found yoga…

After practicing yoga for 5 years, Dan decided to take his yoga to the next level and went through his first of several Yoga Teacher Trainings. As a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Functional Strength Coach, Dan knows how to push people to their edge, and yet compassionately recognize each individual’s limitations.

Dan will be offering daily beach front workouts during this retreat. You will laugh your way through his unique style of Fun Interval Training.



The Story Teller

One of the most wonderful things about Cori’s teaching style is her fantastic storytelling! Cori draws from her own personal experiences to tell her (very relatable) tales. Not only are her stories entertaining, but they help the listener identify with and understand yogic concepts such as quieting the mind, chanting, and self-inquiry.

Cori draws upon Over 20 years of practicing, studying and teaching yoga and self-inquiry, specialized training in transpersonal and human needs psychology, as well as her own deep discovery work.

Cori teaches self-inquiry and yoga retreats across the country. She writes for prominent yoga and wellness websites such as Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal and Yoga anonymous.

If you haven’t read her book, I highly recommend it! “Plus One: Finding God on the Yoga Mat.”

Cori is truly a master teacher whose teaching style is to support movement both on the mat and through life, with honesty skill and grace.