andi_redden_yoga_retreatsAndi Donovan’s Yoga retreats are designed to take you away to secluded locales where you can relax, eat healthy, discover the peace that resides within you, see the beauty in those around you and especially to take your yoga practice to levels you never thought possible.

Because yoga is about feeling rather than knowing, these retreats are a perfect way to escape the mental chaos, self-judgments, fears, and over-analysis rampant in most people’s lives. In an “out of element” setting, you’ll be able to quiet your mind and get back in touch with your own amazing intuition.

An attendee at Donovan’s Calistoga retreat described her experience this way:

“Retreats like this aren’t just about yoga, although one’s yoga practice is definitely enhanced by the frequency of and focus on this ancient discipline. Throughout the three days at Mayacamas Ranch I met new friends, sharing some of my innermost secrets. There is something about being so removed from everything and everyone you know in a relaxing place like this that it somehow feels safe to liberate your soul by sharing your thoughts with others – even people you’ve just met. I learned much from them as well, and by the end of the weekend realize that we all basically live within the same fear zones, get stuck in similar ruts and most of all, really need one another in the big scheme of things. We drank wine, ate sumptuously healthy food, stretched limbs to new tolerance levels and laughed until we cried. It was truly a new experience for many of us, making our spirits soar and our loads lighten, even if just for a few days.”

Andi does exhaustive research before choosing her retreat sites. Comfort, great food and an idyllic setting are all taken into account during this process, resulting in an experience her attendees simply can’t forget. Her schedule is relaxed yet interactive, offering something unique to every attendee depending on his or her level of participation.

There’s no denying that, with an open heart, yoga is a way to find spiritual growth, leading to calmer, clearer mindsets: a journey in self-discovery. Andi’s feelings about retreats run deep: “I know that retreats are my path. I know it as surely as I know the sun will rise and set, and my breath will continue to enter and leave my body. You see — I feel strongly that I have to share the gifts that were given to me. Have you ever felt that way? If so, it may be time to listen to your heart and block out all the other chatter in your life. These retreats can be transformative when approached with an open heart and a willingness to explore one’s own inner beauty.”

Current Retreats:

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